How to write a clean code in JavaScript

Writing Clean Code Makes You More Productive.

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Why Clean Code

Major Coding Conventions for JavaScript

JavaScript style guide

1.Blank Space

・The basic indentation is two spaces. Don’t use tabs.
・Put a space after comma or semicolon.
・Binary operators should be separated by spaces.
・Do not put spaces at the end of lines!
・Use blank lines to separate before/after definition blocks like functions, objects, etc.

2.Coding Style

・The maximum line length should be agreed upon at the team-level. It is usually 80 or 120 characters.

・In inline functions or objects, put a space before and after the curly brackets, except before commas and semicolons.

Always put “else” on a single line.

・Do not use “else” after “return”.

3.Naming Conventions

・For Variable or Function names, use camel case format. First letter should be lowercase.
・Constant names are in all-caps underscore format.
・For Constructor(Class) names, use camel case format. First letter should be uppercase.

・Private members should start with “_”.
・Event Handler Function should start with “on”.


・Make sure there is no duplicates of variable declaration.
・Use [value1, value2] for making JavaScript Array.
・Use { key: value } for making JavaScript Object.
・Do not compare boolean values to true/false.

You want to learn more about readable code?

Google JavaScript Style Guide

・JS File names must be all lowercase.

・Every statement must be terminated with a semicolon.

・String literals are delimited with single quotes ('), rather than double quotes (").

Wrapping Up

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