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fs object

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Require fs module

var fs = require(‘fs’);

Read files

fs.readFile( fileName, encoding, function() {} )
  • The name of the file you load
  • encoding
  • The function called after finishing readFile()

Create files

  • fs.appendFile():Add contents into the file. …

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Create a new module

  1. Creating a folder
mkdir folder-name
npm init
package name: (the name of your module)
version: (1.0.0) /**…

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In JS file


const http = require(‘http’);

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What is a Cookie?

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Run the `npx` command in Terminal.

npx create-next-app next_app

Perform basic operations on the created project.

npm run devrun dev
npm run build

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When you want to create multiple pages.

When you want to get data from the server and use it as a state

When you want to get data from the server and use it as a state. A typical example is `Next.js`.

Next.js is a package that integrates various libraries into React.

Specific features of Next.js.

SSG and SSR support

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Different usage of “State”.

Class Component

Function components

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Components in a project

Files related to what is displayed on the screen

public folder

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I’m a front-end web developer based in Vancouver, studying CICCC, an web and mobile app development course.

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